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Location:High Point, NC
Employment Type:Full Time
Description:The Pulmonary Program Development Educator is responsible for ensuring the delivery of best practice Pulmonary Care by providing effective, timely, and ongoing staff education, identifying pulmonary practice needs, and by developing disease management programs for pulmonary-related diagnoses. This education and development position includes the role components of program developer, educator, orientation development and design, continuing education development and design and serves as a resource for existing and new staff members.   Measures of success for the position include pulmonary program outcomes, patient clinical and service outcomes, and staff competency, retention, and satisfaction rates.

·         Provides continuous oversight of all current pulmonary programs/solutions/protocols (COPD, future programs) with focus on driving/delivering best practice clinical, financial, and service outcomes.

·         Energetically pursues opportunities for improving all pulmonary outcomes, develops focused action plans, and collaborates with branch leadership, and other internal/external stakeholders to drive improved pulmonary program deployment and results.

·         Responsible for all pulmonary-specific staff orientation, pulmonary competencies, pulmonary-related continuing education program effectiveness and revises as appropriate to improve on boarding of new staff and pulmonary skill set of existing AHC clinicians.

·         Identifies most appropriate method of delivery of educational material utilizing technology, live classes, forums, and/or virtual methods.

·         Contributes to other shared clinical responsibilities such as CPR instruction, Horizons Documentation training, clinical orientation classes, and other training evolutions.

·         Investigates and pursues opportunities to develop new programs/solutions/protocols to meet future needs of all pulmonary patient types, referral sources, and the community.

·         Works closely across all service lines to collaborate in developing/providing optimum services to meet pulmonary patient needs (including other clinical disciplines, pharmacological, respiratory, equipment and specialty product, and technological needs) and to provide enhanced pulmonary patient care.

·         Conduct deep dive annually on all pulmonary programs/solutions/protocols to identify current successes and opportunities, and organize targeted improvement activities.

·         Develop systematic review of pulmonary best practices (internal and external) and to identify innovative strategies to develop future best practice AHC pulmonary care.

·         Assists Director of Disease Management and Practice and HH branch leadership in establishment of ambitious pulmonary program goals, outcomes targets, and action plans.

·         Collaborates with clinical staff in assessing, implementing, and evaluating care of pulmonary patients; provides direct care when appropriate.

·         Responsible to research new pulmonary products, services, technology, and evidence-based practice standards.

·         Serves as an advanced pulmonary clinical resource to staff across the organization, patients, referral sources, and community. Participates in pulmonary case conferencing at least monthly.                                        

·         Develop and optimize use of pulmonary disease solution Infonet site and dashboard to share key outcomes, communicate with clinical and other staff, host pulmonary resources, and drive best-practice sharing.

·         Provides ongoing pulmonary education for staff pertaining to the development of advanced clinical skills.

·         Develops and revises pulmonary-related clinical policies and procedures, and updates/revises/verifies pulmonary-related sections of HH procedure manual in conjunction with HH Leadership.

·         Provides pulmonary-focused collaborative care visits at the branches at least monthly.

·         Serves on agency committees, when indicated.   

·         Works in a collaborative effort with other team members.

Qualifications:The Pulmonary Program Development Educator is required to be a Registered Nurse with a current license to practice in North Carolina, Virginia, and/or Tennessee, and possess a baccalaureate degree in nursing from an accredited or approved school (Master's degree preferred). 3 years related healthcare experience required. Excellent verbal and written communications skills, time management and organizational skills, interpersonal and problem-solving skills and flexibility are required. Prior experience in the home health setting, pulmonary nursing, performance improvement, or background as an educator or clinical specialist is strongly preferred. Advanced pulmonary certification and OASIS certification are required with 2 years of employment.

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